Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Black Hole indepth

The film starts with a black screen with the title 'Black Hole'. The director take the concept of going into a black hole and use this to reveal the setting by having the black screen open and peel back to reveal a hole which then pans from left to right. This is effective as the director has thought about the narritive of the film and has tried to incorporate this in the titles.

The lighting is used effectively throughout this short film. The director hasn't chosen anything that contrast the location. He has tried to make it realistic using props and lighting combined to create a realistic mise-en-scene. The darkness and use of artificial lighting creates a realistic office scene and as the camera pans across the room to the man at the photo copier the audience can pick out props that you would expect to see in an office envrioment.

Facial expression is used effectively with a lot of shots to create tension, humor and many other emotions. A mid shot shows the man waiting at a photo copier however a vivid facial expresions alert the viewer to his boredness. This also relates to a office work place as we can guess hes been there for a while and he is tired and/or bored. Close ups are also used a lot to convey the actors emotions. When the actor first discovers the black hole a close up is used to show his confusion. A close up is then used again when he opens the photo copier to discover there was nothing to be copied. The use of the light from the copier creates an eerie feel and almost a hint of suspense.

How does the narrative work?

[vodpod id=Video.4485889&w=425&h=350&fv=prezi_id%3Dft6qay3-wwuf%26amp%3Block_to_path%3D0%26amp%3Bcolor%3Dffffff%26amp%3Bautoplay%3Dno%26amp%3Bautohide_ctrls%3D0]


This presentation is actually discussing the narrative of the film.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

A2 Proposal

For A2 we are planning to produce a short film, along with a poster for the film and cover for a film magazine. We have chosen to do a film as we believe we will gain more experience from doing this.

For our idea we are planning to produce a zom rom com (romantic comedy with zombies) like 'Shaun of the dead'. The story is based around a male character who dies after being hit by a car. However he thinks nothing has happend, until he returns home to a shocked wife/girlfriend. After discovering he is indeed a zombie he tries to live a normal life but with zombie instincts kicking in how long will his relationship last?

I think this will give us the oppourtunity to develope skills. One skill in media that this will help improve is special effects. The scene where are chracter gets hit by a car will require us to use effects. I also think we can use sound really well in this film. The use of non diegetic sound will be very useful to create atmosphere. For e.g. the use of scary sound tracks will help create an eariness and also and edge.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A2 Task

Black Hole

I have chosen to do a short film for my coursework. To research this I have found the short fil 'Black Hole'. The genre of this film is a comedy. This is made apprent through the key concepts. The story combined with location, choice of shots, sound, characters and facial expresion etc helps convey the comedic genre to the audience.