Thursday, 11 November 2010


We have made a list of all probs we will need for the entire film. Below is a list of props. The ones highlighted red are props we shall be searching for on Tuesday 16th:

1. Car
2. Mobile phone
3. Games controller
4. Beer cans/bottles
5. Coffee Table                                BROUGHT
6. Dirty Magazine
7. Fake hand (Either looking or making)
8. Guitar
9. Fake blood
10. Cutlery
11. Clothing
12: Zombie eye contact lense

I have done some research into how to make a fake hand. This is a website with detailed instructions on how to make a fake hand:

We now have a table which we brought from a charity shop. It a little wooden top with a metal frame and rather small so its perfect for what we had in mind.

We our going to make the fake hand now by getting a plastic glove and filling it with plaster of paris then we shall cover it in paper mache and finally paint it to give the effect we want.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We now have a male actor for our film.

The cast is as follows:
Luke- Samuel white
Caroline- Steph Dearden
Mickey- Samuel Peckham
Dave- Edward Watson
Justin- Guy in car

We have printed of scripts for all the cast and a few of the crew. This is in preparation for a read through of the script of Sunday 14th November. The purpose of the read through is to provide the cast with information about there characters and the plot and answer any questions they may have.


I have now handed a script to Sam White who is our male actor who will read the script. Unfortunately Steph cannot make our Sunday rehearsal. I have sent her a message asking when she is free so we can then start to put together a filming schedule. When I recieve the dates and times I will then talk to the rest of the cast and crew about when they are free so hopefully we will have a acurate and working schedule.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

We are very close to filming however we are still having problems with casting. We have sent an email to everyone in 6th form asking if anyone knows of anyone willing to star in our film We have had one reply today and will hopefully have more.

    For our advanced portfolio for A2 media studies We are looking for a male in their early 20’s or someone who looks 20 who wouldn’t mind having the male lead in a short film. The filming would mainly take place on a Sunday. If you know anyone who is interested please can you get them to email one of these three people:
Many thanks
Sam, Ryan and Justin