Thursday, 21 October 2010

Poster research

We have started to think about posters for our film. To inspire us for ideas I have decided to look at posters for films of similar genre to ours. I have looked at three posters: Shaun of the dead, Scary movie 4 and Zombie Land.

I think this poster is really effective. It takes key points from the film and puts this onto paper. I like the idea that Shaun and the gang try to escape the zombies in the films and that the poster is almost a poster in a poster with a sense that Shaun and the Title is the poster part and that the zombies are trying to drag Shaun out of this safe place. I also like the fact that the font which is a simple bold white capitalised writing is made effective by making it slightly tattered and having a Zombie hand in the middle of the A. 

Zombieland is also an effective poster. The font just like Shaun of the dead is relevant to the film. I imagine the title font to be on the front of an amusement park or ride, which is relevant to the film. The font is curved as to suggest that it is on a spinning globe or something similar. Another key feature of posters which I have noticed is that they contain the main characters on the posters.

Scary movie 4s poster title font doesn't really have any hidden messages or relation to the film. In a way it adds a connection to the other scary movie films as their title font is the same in their other films.

This is the draft to our poster. We have put in a tag line and experimented with font. We shall put in a picture soon and tidy up the general poster and add some colour.
We have loooked at general posters and one we like is the 'Me, myself and Irene' poster. We like this because it shows the main characters split personality. This would be effective for our film as we could have one half before Luke turns to a zombie and the other half when Luke is a zombie. We would also have a background of the house where they live with his wife stood outside.

Monday, 18 October 2010


Today we are looking at film reviews from media magazine for our first ancillary task. We are focusing on how they are produced, what they contain and the style to make our film review look professional and high quality.
The photo on the left is the review on kick ass from the popular media magazine 'Empire'. We have decided to use this as our template for our media magazine. Justin has started to design the layout and capture key points of the article on our version. The reason for for using an example to help us layout our review is to make the magazine review realistic and believable and of the same high quality you would expect to see in 'Empire'.
Justin has been working hard and has produced a draft 2 of  the magazine review. I think this is starting to look very good and very similar to the real magazine article.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


We have a complete script posted on our blog which can be found below. We have a completed Storyboard and are in the process of tidying it up i.e. adding colour. This is so it will stand out when we produce our animatic. We have also started adding descrition to our storyboars. When we are filming we will try and stick to the storyboard as much as possible.

We are also in the process of making a mood board. I have found this rather difficult but because I have produced it on 'Prezz' I think I can come up with clever ways of revealing the mood board to people as well as add hidden discriptions of each photo in each photo.

We are planning to film hopefully in the first weeks of Novemeber. This will depend of if we have our cast. We are lucky with the fact that some of our scenes will need to be filmed in the evening and now that it is getting dark earlier in the evenings we wont have to have late filming sessions to get the film produced.

At the moment I feel we are working well as a team. We are meeting deadlines and we are always coming up with new ideas to on how we can improve the film or ideas on how to promote the film. We have a facebook group which I shall add the link to shortly. We have a few fans and we on here we are hoping to have information about the film. This will include things like photos from shooting days, information about the film i.e. story line and also asking for audience response.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Script for Dead Man's Love

This is the script for our film 'Dead Man's Love'. It was written by myself and Sam. The script contains the directions and speech for every scene in the film. We are thinking about having a song in the film which we are yet to add but this will be added once I know who are actor is and if he has any musical talent i.e. playing guitar, if not we may record a song that he can play on a CD player and sing along to a track which I think would also be funny. We will send the script out to our actors as soon as we know who is playing which character so they have time to learn their parts but also prepare their characterisations.

Friday, 8 October 2010


We look to be making huge progress. We have almost finished the story board. Currently we are looking to find contact lenses that look a bit like the ones that zombies have in films. We know someone who used these sort of lenses last year and they looked really effective. We are currently in the process of getting a site so we can order them. We also have location set for our home scenes. My Nan has agreed  that we can film there. We are now looking at doing a thought board.

 This picture is the entrance to my Nans house. It's mainly a bungalo but it does have an upstairs. It's fairly grown up so will be believable that they live there.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Script Finished

We seem to be on track with our planning for our film. We have finished the script and have storyboarded the first scene. We have thought about some extra scenes but we may do those if we don't have enough footage. These new ideas include a scene in the bedroom where Dave walks in on Luke and wife in bed and they discover Mickey has been there all along! Another idea is to have a twist where Dave and Mickey are Zombies too. These would only appear if we don't have enough footage to cover the time or if we feel our story is lacking some scenes and decide to add them.