Monday, 17 January 2011

First day of filming

We filmed on Sunday 16th as we had planned. I called everyone the night before to confirm that filming was on it was dependant of whether the weather would force us to cancel. The next morning I woke and saw that there hadn't/wasn't any rain as of yet and that there wasn't any heavy rain as fore casted, I did check the weather on the Internet again to get an update. It stated that there was a chance of rain this did make me very optimistic for the days filming and I proceeded to confirm that we were filming.

I think the days filming was a success, we used the script and a storyboard to help decided shots however we were inspired by our surroundings to devise some creative shots, such as a high angle shot (taken from up a tree) and a low angle shot where Sam walks into the care it goes black and we see him walk away from the same low angle shot.

The quality of the footage and shots was very good. We used two cameras the Panasonic AG-HMC71E and Cannon 7d with 24-70mm 2.8l -18270mm -50mm 1.8. We had some problems with the two cameras. I didn't check the battery power on the Panasonic camera and only had twenty minutes of footage however we had the other camera which we managed to play with focus to produce some good shots however the majority of the time it only captured 3secs of footage. We managed to get past this and carried on. Another difficulty we faced was setting up the green screen, we had no rain however a high wind ment that the greenscreen kept flying away. We held it down and managed to progress.

After uploading the footage I think I am happy with the shots we captured. I have started to colour grade my footage which has added a huge improvement and makes it look a lot more professional. I will start adding soon.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Filming Dates

We have discussed as a group dates for filming.

Proplems we may have with the gap, which we plan to solve, is that people change physcialy and haircuts. Obviously this will be a problem for continuity but it is only Samuel White that we will need to keep the same.
Car Scene
Sun 16th Jan
Justin & Sam W
Office Scene
Sam W & Mr Kirk
House scenes
Sun 6th Jan
Sam W, Sam P, Ed, Lucy